About Us

The Store

Our store consists of two registered pharmacists, a team of pharmacy assistants and a number of part time university and high school students. We actively give back to our community as well as provide specialized pharmaceutical services to St. Mary's Healthcare Center's long term care facility. We pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated and our mission is to be the "Local Health Solution" for the community of Trochu and the surrounding area. 

The Staff

Brandon Image 2.jpg
Brandon Wagstaff | RPh APA Owner/Pharmacy Manager

Brandon is a registered pharmacist with "Additional Prescribing Authorization" (APA) and injection certifications and manages the pharmacy operations daily. 

Shane Image wide.jpg
Shane Wagstaff | CPA CFP Owner/Business Manager

Shane is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Financial Planner and manages the business operations of the pharmacy.

Clay Barnson | RPh APA Pharmacist

Clay is a registered pharmacist with "Additional Prescribing Authorization" (APA) and injection certifications and works in both dispensary and clinical areas.

Sandra Image 2.jpg
Sandra Smyth
Pharmacy Assistant

Sandra is involved in many aspects of the pharmacy and front store operations and also regularly delivers to St. Mary's Healthcare Center.

Faye Image2.jpg
Faye Hibbs
Pharmacy Assistant

Faye works closely with the pharmacists assisting in all aspects of the dispensing process and helps manage toy and magazine sections.

Isabel Whyte | RPh  Pharmacist

Isabel is a registered pharmacist, owned and operated the business from 1999 to 2018 and continues to be an integral part of our team.   

Laura Image.jpg
Laura Cabrera
Pharmacy Assistant

Laura works primarily in the front store and helps the business maintain a strong social media presence for seasonal items and sales advertising.

Susan Rintoul
Pharmacy Assistant

Susan is the newest member to our pharmacy team and works primarily in the front store assisting customers with their everyday needs. 

Wanda Image 2.jpg
Wanda Peterson
Pharmacy Assistant

Wanda helps manage our front store inventory and orders regularly from our wholesale distributors to keep the shelves stocked.