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Prescribing Pharmacist

Your Medication Expert

We pharmacists on staff that have obtained "Additional Prescribing Authorization" (APA). This allows them to prescribe and manage many medications and conditions without you having to see your doctor. No appointment necessary!


This service includes, but is NOT limited to: ​

  • minor ailments: allergic rhinitis, heartburn, minor-moderate pain, cold sore treatment, minor infections, and more!

  • routine vaccinations: shingles, pneumococcal, etc.

  • travel vaccines and prescriptions: hepatitis A and B vaccine, typhoid fever vaccine, traveler's diarrhea treatment, etc.

  • minor skin conditions: acne, eczema

  • hormonal contraceptives

  • warfarin monitoring

  • tobacco cessation

  • blood pressure and blood glucose management

  • and much more!

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This service is easily accessible, and meant to aid our patients in managing conditions that may not require the diagnostic expertise of a medical doctor. With that said, our prescribing pharmacist is meant to supplement, not replace, regular visits with your family physician,

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